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Wholesale supplies of wild growing frozen berries. CRANBERRY, LINGONBERRY AND BILBERRY

Delivery to Russian Federation and Europe. Minimal weight of supply 20 tons.

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Reasonable price from manufacturer

More than 50 collecting points and 100 permanent harvesters of berries.

Any volume of supply available

Permanent availability from 100 tons of finished product.

High quality products

Berries from ecologically clean woods and comply with international quality standards.


Cleaning of the berries: mechanical

Harvest year: 2016

Regions: Vologoda and Arkhangelsk regions

Minimal supply: 20 tons

Wrapping and packaging:

- 10 kg corrugated cardboard box with polyethylene liner

- 25 kg kraft-bag



Wild growing

frozen cranberry

Wild growing

frozen lingonberry

Wild growing

frozen bilberry




Our clients will get

Convenient form of payment

We provide the appropriate payment method for each client. Cash or bank transfer


We guarantee the quality and safety of products. All products are ecologically clean and comply with international quality standards.

Quick and profitable delivery

We provide packaging and delivery in short terms. Long-term relationships with a large number of transport companies let you receive the best prices of delivery.

Special prices under annual contracts

We offer profitable conditions for supplies under annual contracts.

Our company

Our company has been successfully working in the berry market for 3 years. Every year we supply more than 1,000 tons of ripe products, both on the territory of Russian Federation and Europe.


Berry freezes in the refrigerator in plastic boxes. It passes through the device of mechanical cleaning. The capacity allows to store up to 500 tons of cleaned frozen berries. Finished products are packaged in kraft-bags of 25 kg and corrugated cardboard boxes with a polyethylene insert of 10 kg.


We sell the berries for completely different purposes. Our clients include restaurants, retail networks, confectionaries, factories of the production of juices and fruit drinks, alcohol beverages producers.

Quality declaration

"On safety of food products"

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8 (921) 141-36-90


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